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Muletas is back on Your Jockstrapping and his new photos are even hotter than ever! In case you missed them, you can see Muletas last two Your Jockstrapping features here and here.

jockstrap harness


This time around he’s wearing one of my all time favorites- the vintage Trufit jockstrap. Although you can still buy Trufit jockstraps, the new ones have a tight weave, so you don’t get the see-through effect. I was just informed that Kmart in the States still have some of the old style ones. If it’s true, go get them before they’re gone. Anyone know if this is true?

Anyway, back to Muletas – He’s from England, he’s 33 and here’s what he has to say this time:

I love the feeling of my cock bulging in a jock when I’m in a hareness, and the feeling of a tight leather strap up my ass crack, so had to share…. also an old vid of me on xtube jackin in my jock… enjoy:

(in case the video doesn’t work on this site, click the link)

…. ok, it doesn’t get much hotter than that!!!

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  1. That vid is really hot the sound started playing before I scrolled down to it playing and instantly got really hard

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