jockstrap model stefano

If you’ve been wondering why there hasn’t been many posts lately, it’s because I’ve been really busy with something….

…and his name is Stefano.

Stefano is our new model over on Jockstrap Central, and we’ve been having a blast getting him shot in a whole new range of new camouflage Joe Snyder gear, a new black and white Activeman jockstrap called The Executive, the classic Bike Swimmer Jockstrap (finally back on North American soil), and we re-shot the black mesh Kinkwear Herringbone Jockstrap.

Stefano is a fitness trainer here in Toronto and it shows with his slim but tight athletic build. It’s always a gamble getting a new model in front of the camera – a model can be stunningly good looking (which Stefano is IMHO) but if there’s no report between the model, us and the photographer and the model lacks confidence, then the shoot may fail. Within moments of starting the shoot, we knew it would be a success.

During interviews, we always ask our models if they’re ok with nudity, as we shoot a lot of mesh and erotic jockstrap. When we posed the question to Stefano he told us he was comfortable with anything. Well, he wasn’t kidding. We we’re shooting the new Joe Snyder camouflage Stretch Jockstrap (the one with the peek-a-boo pouch) and we asked if he minded doing some shots showing off how the peek-a-boo pouch design works. Without hesitation, he pulled his dick out of the slit and he had a raging hard on – a testament to just how erotic that jockstrap is. You can see those shots in Stefano’s gallery below.

You can be assured that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Stefano, both over on Jockstrap Central and here in the coming months. We already have another dozen or so new products we can’t wait to get him in.

Enjoy the show…

jockstrap from behind

Bike Swimmer Jockstrap


Mesh Jockstrap

Lots more photos ahead…click the link:

Jockstrap model

Bike Classic Swimmer Jockstrap

Joe Snyder Jockstrap

Activeman Jockstrap

Activeman Jockstrap

jockstrap model

peeking inside jockstrap

Joe Snyder jock strap

guy adjusting his jockstrap

mesh jock strap

Joe Snyder Jockstrap

black mesh jockstrap

model in Joe Snyder jockstrap

Bike Supporter

jockstrap model

jockstrap central model stefano

jockstrap model

bike swimmer jockstrap

This are his jockstrap shots, if you still need more of Stefano, then be sure to see his underwear shots over on our Un-der-where? Blog.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of our latest model Stefano – just use the comment system below.