Nick Angelo in a Jockstrap

With the advent of the Internet it just seems like everyday you discover a new niche fetish – probably simply for the fact that it’s easier for people with diverse fetishes to find and support each other. Well,
JockButt is onto the very latest – Jockstrap Wearing Evangelistic Preachers. Now before you go getting sick from the thought of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell (i know he’s finally dead!) in a jockstrap take a look at these photos of Nick Angelo and I think you may be a convert to the church of the rising JockButt.

Nick Angelo in a SafeTGard Jockstrap

All kidding aside, this guy is unbelievable! I can’t decide what I like better, his phenomenal hairy chests, those thick hard nipples, that adonis body or his killer ass. Which ever it is, the whole effect is stunning and he’s all man.

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SafeTGard Jockstrap

Nick Angelo at JockButt

Nick Angelo in a SafeTGard Jockstrap

Jockbutt is all about hot guys and their butts. You won’t find a lot of frontal nudity, but you will find a shit load of built guys mostly in jockstraps showing off their incredible asses. They update weekly with some of the highest quality photos and videos around.


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  1. that ass is amazing i want him in bed. i would gladly give him a blow job and lick his ass and anas

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