hairy slim guy in a sports jockstrap

I’m a bit at a loss for words today (which is pretty strange for me) but it’s probably from working on these latest “your jockstraps” photos from Dulcito. Not quite sure what it is about him, whether it’s his handsome looks, the beard and body hair, or his pretty amazing body, but most likely it’s all of that in combination with those killer eyes of his that’s got my brain overheated.

jockstrapped Canadian

Dulcito hails from Vancouver, Canada (yay! a fellow jockstrapped Canadian!) From his Flickr profile, he says he’s terminally single, but enjoying life and does like to make new friends . He also has this to say:

“I love taking photos…. of men, of nature, of myself. I’d love to take photos of other guys in the Vancouver area, who’d be willing to pose. If you’re interested, drop me a line”

white sports jockstrap

there’s lot more photos ahead so click the “continue” link for the rest of Dulcito’s photos:

white sports jockstrap

hairy guy in a jockstrap

hairy Canadian guy in a white jockstrap

I guess I have to thank all you guys out there who didn’t submitted any of your photos for our “your jockstrap” series, because it forced me to go out and find Dulcito on Flickr who graciously let me use his photos here on Jockstrapping. I may not be so lucky next time, so please, please, please, submit some photos and help us celebrate men in their jockstraps.

You can see lot’s more of Dulcito by visiting his Flickr gallery and profile, but before you click the following link , be sure to add a comment below to let us know what you think of Dulcito’s photos.



  1. Dulcito is delicious. I would like him to take pictures of me in my gear. I’m in Vancouver too.

  2. David,

    If you haven’t done so already, you can contact Dulcito through his Flickr page. I believe you’ll have to have a Flickr account as well, but it’s free to signup for one. Then you can just go to his profile and contact him that way.

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