Submit your Jockstrap Photos

Our Your Jockstraps posts are by far the most popular here on the blog and they’re also our favorite so we’re stepping things up to encourage even more guys to submit their jockstrap photos.

From here on in, when you submit your photos and we end up using them here on Jockstrapping Blog, we’ll send you a free jockstraps. There are a few requirements, so please please please read them….

  • We’re looking for all shapes and sizes and nationalities to submit photos of yourself in your jockstraps.
  • We will only be posting jockstrap photos.
  • We’ll only be posting our favorites so take your time and try to be creative and sexy.
  • The photos can be G or X rated, so don’t be afraid to show some skin.
  • They can be fun or serious.
  • We need at least 5 photos, but we encourage guys to submit more if you can.
  • If we end up using your photos, feel free to submit another set and you could get another free jockstrap.
  • The free jockstrap is our choice and will be one from our collection over at Jockstrap Central. We will ask you for your waist size.
  • We require a little background information as well. Some is optional, but we at least need to know a nickname and your country and some background info (i.e. why you like jockstrap or what you like to do in your jockstraps, or what your hobbies are, etc..)
  • You can be entirely anonymous, but if you want other guys to contact we can link to your email address (we won’t post it directly on the site.) Keep in mind that we do have a comment system, so even if you don’t want your email linked to you can still see what guys think of your photos by reading the comments under your post.

To submit your photos please email us with the following information and attach at least 5 photos of yourself in jockstraps. The more information you share, the easier it is to do a post on you.

  1. Name or Nickname:
  2. Age:
  3. Location/Country/State:
  4. Do you want to link to your email address? (yes/no)
  5. What do you love about jockstraps:
  6. Some back information or your interests that you’d like to share:
  7. Click the link below to email us and don’t forget to include the above information and don’t forget to attach the photos. If we like the photos then we’ll do a post on you (and send you a free jockstrap):