young guy in a jockstrap

It was only a matter of time – but there’s finally a true underwear fetish porn site out there – and if you like you guys either side of 20 years old, then you’re going to love UndieTwinks. Unlike other supposed underwearfetish sites, this is the real deal – each shoot is about guys in their underwear and although there’s lots of dick, ass and cumshots to be seen, the underwear stays on.

Of course the site is mostly about briefs, boxerbriefs and speedos, there’s also the occasional jockstrap – yay! Mason‘s the model in this particular shoot and although he starts off in a boxerbrief, he quickly ditches it to reveal a pretty hot Justus Boyz camo jockstrap underneath. I’m personally not into the young ones, but I can appreciate them – especially when they have an ass like Mason and it’s perfectly framed in a jockstrap.

young guy in a jockstrap

Although the shoot does focus a lot on Mason’s ass there’s also lots of front footage as well, especially at the end when Mason gets off simply by the friction caused from the pouch and the waistband of his jock on his cock. The best part is just before he’s ready to explode, he sticks his dick back into the pouch and cums through the cotton fabric.

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boxerbrief and jockstrap

twink in a jockstrap

underwear fetish

This photos are vidcaps from Mason’s video and they have been reduced in size to fit the format of this site.

UndieTwinks is a pretty amazing site. For such a new site they already have around 40 or so models in both photos and videos. The photos are huge and crisp and very sexy but the videos are my favorite part. They are in wide screen format and are not only large videos, but the quality is exceptional. Like I mentioned above, this is a true underwear and swimwear fetish site made by someone with an underwear fetish. Now if they’d just create a sister site with age 30+ models I’d never want to leave the house.