worn Bike Jockstrap

Continuing my favorite part of Jockstrapping – it’s the next installment of Your Jockstraps, where we post photos of the readers of our blog. We’re always looking for more submissions, so if you want to be included in a Your Jockstraps post, then click the submit link over in the top of the right column for instructions.

Loveit didn’t give me a whole lot of info about himself except that he’s a fellow Canadian. He also has this to say about himself:

“Addicted to jockstraps since childhood: sniffed my older brother’s and loved it. The great turnon for me.”

These photos completely do it for me. Not only for the style and lighting of the photos that shows of the texture of the Bike jockstrap, but also the way you can see the clear outline of the head of Loveit’s (awesome) dick that you can only see through a perfectly well worn jockstrap. Stunning!

Loveit didn’t want his email shown, but you can always comment using the comment link below to let Loveit know what you think of his photos. It takes a lot of guts to post your photos, so please show him your appreciation and give a bit of encouragement.

old used Bike jockstraps

Don’t forget, you can still get yourself a classic number ten Bike Jockstrap at Jockstrap Central. Bike has discontinued them so get one while you can!


  1. LOVEIT! 🙂 I wish you were my neighbor in Kansas USA.I would love to see your jocks hanging on the clothes line to airdry then add more.!!!You have such a hot bod, hope you choose to let us see more pix in narrow band jocks.Wet is even better!!

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