doctor jockstrap

Talk about multiple fantasies being fulfilled at once at Hairyboyz – Jockstraps and hot guys playing Doctor. You may remember Ty Hudson from a previous Hairyboyz post, well he’s back and this time he’s all dressed up in his Doctor’s garb and stethoscope. But unlike my doctor, he’scome with an interesting set of medical toys that includes a set of sounds and a great big dildo.

medical toys

Also, unlike my doctor, Ty is doing the poking and prodding on himself and we, the patients are just spectators. But spectating is perfectly fine when the doctor’s got a hot dick, hard-as-a-rock-ass and hair everywhere!

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doctor jockstrap

hairy doctor in a jockstrap

hairy doctor

doctor jockstrap

Don’t forget, you can get a classic Bike swimmer jockstrap like Ty is wearing over on Jockstrap Central.

Hairyboyz is a great site if you’re into mostly hairy masculine guys. They update their site multiple times each week with high quality photos and videos, plus they have their models do live shows a few times a week as well. Hairboyz is one of a number of sites produced by porn producers RearStable and they are, in my opinion, the best in their category.


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  1. I wish I had a doctor like him. I would being seeing him for all that ails me!!!!

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