Rusty stevens in a McDavid Jockstrap

Loving Hairyboyz’ Rusty Stevens so much that I decided to post him in two jocks: one, a traditional and very worn McDavid jockstrap and two, a very hot (and probably very sweaty) see-through rubber jockstrap.

Rusty Stevens in a rubber Jockstrap

The McDavid jock looks like it’s seen a lot of abuse with the pouch nice and thin so it molds to that huge package of Rusty’s forever reminding us of locker rooms and sweating athletes. But, for a completely opposite take, the Rusty’s rubber jock-brief has a brief front which is probably a good thing as the wide front is needed to contain that huge erection of his. Again, the hotness factor is once again about sweat, but this is hot dungeon and rubber that doesn’t breathe sort of sweat. I’ll take them both – as long as Rusty is inside them, thank you very much.

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hot jockstrap

My god Pistol Pete from Hairyboyz is stunning! This latin lover is soooo easy on the eyes and his slim tight body and moderately furry chest doesn’t hurt either. He looks mighty fine in that black SafeTGard jockstrap both from the front and the back and when he finally unleashes that delicious thick cock of his, you know exactly where he gets the name.

latin guy in a jockstrap

From looking at a video also online at Hairyboyz, Pete is a top, and a good one at that. There’s more photos, so click the link below:

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doctor jockstrap

Talk about multiple fantasies being fulfilled at once at Hairyboyz – Jockstraps and hot guys playing Doctor. You may remember Ty Hudson from a previous Hairyboyz post, well he’s back and this time he’s all dressed up in his Doctor’s garb and stethoscope. But unlike my doctor, he’scome with an interesting set of medical toys that includes a set of sounds and a great big dildo.

medical toys

Also, unlike my doctor, Ty is doing the poking and prodding on himself and we, the patients are just spectators. But spectating is perfectly fine when the doctor’s got a hot dick, hard-as-a-rock-ass and hair everywhere!

Click the link for the rest of the photos:

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You how sometimes you see a guy in a jockstrap and it just doesn’t suit the guy? Not the case with Ty Hudson in his yellow Nasty Pig Rubber jockstrap, the guy just looks like a pig plus Hairyboyz states on his model page that “He likes it all, from vacuum pumping, pegs, sounding and fisting.”


So far, there’s only this photoset of Ty, but you can bet that there’s some pretty hot Videos coming soon. These are just a couple of Ty’s photos where his jockstrap stays on, but the photoset continues and we get to see his cut cock and one of the nicest firm asses I’ve seen on Hairyboyz conveniently spread open by Ty so we get a good view of his puckering hole, but unfortunately, he’s removed his jockstrap by then, so you’re not going to see it here. 😉


Hairyboyz is a great site if you’re into mostly hairy masculine guys. They update their site multiple times each week with high quality photos and videos, plus they have their models do live shows a few times a week as well. Hairboyz is one of a number of sites produced by porn producers RearStable and they are, in my opinion, the best in their category.



black safetgard jockstrap

I know I’ve apologized for and warned about the sporadic updates over the holidays, but I managed to find the time and slip in (appropriate wording, considering this guys is a pretty hot bottom) a photoset of Hairyboyz’ Trey Casteel wearing a black SafeTgard jockstrap.

black safetgard jockstrap

Here’s what Hairyboyz has to say about Trey:

“We have featured horned up, muscle pup, Trey Casteel many times in various action sets and video releases at Hairyboyz, but we have never brought you a solo photo set of this popular model. So grab your cum rag, and enjoy what we think is a much overdue look at this young man in his first ever solo photo set. Woof!”

I just want to point out that there are seven videos featuring Trey on Hairyboyz, but my favorite is the one where he’s paired up with hunky top Jake Deckard who I’ve featured here in a past post.

Click the link below for the rest of the photos:

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worn safetgard jockstrap

I think HairyBoyz have summed up my addiction to jockstraps in their latest photo session with (the very delicious, and oh so hairy) Steve Cruz. This jockstrapped god stands on his pedestal wearing his favorite worn SafeTGard jockstrap that he just can’t seem to give up. Where there isn’t holes, the fabric is worn so much that it shows off the head of Steve’s cut cock and it’s pretty damn hot.

worn jockstrap

worn jockstrap with holes

worn out jockstrap

HairyBoyz is created by my favorite porn studios, Raging Stallion. In case you don’t know about this infamous company, they have been producing some of the best “real man” porn out there. Their guys are mostly older, hairy and they feature hardcore themes and settings. They have put together an amazing selection of their videos featuring hairy guys and have them available to view or download on their website. The videos are large and they update their site weekly adding to their already huge collection of hairy man porn.



priape jockstrap

If you like tattoos and jockstraps and rugged hairy guys then you’re going to go nutso over Logan McCree like I did when I first saw him. He’s one of the latest hairy men on Hairyboyz. These pics are from his photoshoot, but he’s also featured in a pretty hot fuck fest video – of course with jockstraps as well.

Logan is wearing a grey Priape jock strap which perfectly compliments his full body of tattoos and also his delicious firm ass. As if his good looks, great body and ass weren’t enough, he is blessed with a big ol’ hard as a rock dick as well. Some guys just have it all!

hairy guy with tattoos and a jockstrap

click here for the rest of the post and more photos of Logan:

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jockstrap fucking

It’s been a while since I posted about the guys over on Hairyboyz so to make up for their absence on our blog I’m posting a photo set from what I consider to be the hottest hairy jockstrap fuckfest video on their site so far.

Aaron Action and Erik Hunter, both hairy, both hunky, and both wearing black SafeTGards jockstraps start with some pretty heavy mouth action but quickly settle into the lounging barbers chair where they suck and fuck each other until their bodily fluids are flying. This is a balls-out, take-no-prisoner, suck-n-fuckathon that runs the whole gambit from slow and sleazy to fast and furious.

hairy guys fucking in jockstraps

click the “continue” link for the rest of the post and more photos…

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hairy guy in a jockstrap

Anyone who’s been into hairy guys and porn will probably recognize Bo Knight from his quite extensive body of work. Having worked for Raging Stallion Studios who owns Hairyboyz, it’s not surprise to see him in their roster of hot mature hairy men. And maybe not a surprise, but certainly a thrill is seeing him in all his hairy glory in a skimpy black SafeTGard jockstrap which is available over at Jockstrap Central.

hairy guy in a jockstrap

hairy guy in a jockstrap

Hairyboyz is one of a few sites that Raging Stallion has produced. It only makes sense, as Raging Stallion has so much content behind it’s belt after years and years of producing incredibly hot real man porn. Like all their sites, Hairyboyz is quality, giving you photosets and tons of video plus loads of plugin content and bonus sites and is updated regularly. It’s a great deal and if you like bigger, beefier, masculine men, then it’s worth a visit.

The jockstrap photoset continues and there’s also some pretty amazing duo videos featuring Bo as well so….



jake deckard jungle jockstrap

We had a great response to our last post about
Jake Deckard on Hairyboyz and seeing that he’s one of my favorite hairy porn stars and he’s in a Jockstrap again, I’m doing another post on Jake. I hope you don’t mind! 😉

Whenever you go trekking through the jungle, make sure you’re always prepared. Jake shows us just what to pack when he removes his camouflage pants and shows us his jockstrap. And speaking of packing…it’s about that bulge straining to get out.

There’s more photos of Jake in his sweaty jockstrap after the jump.

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