hairy guy in a jockstrap

Anyone who’s been into hairy guys and porn will probably recognize Bo Knight from his quite extensive body of work. Having worked for Raging Stallion Studios who owns Hairyboyz, it’s not surprise to see him in their roster of hot mature hairy men. And maybe not a surprise, but certainly a thrill is seeing him in all his hairy glory in a skimpy black SafeTGard jockstrap which is available over at Jockstrap Central.

hairy guy in a jockstrap

hairy guy in a jockstrap

Hairyboyz is one of a few sites that Raging Stallion has produced. It only makes sense, as Raging Stallion has so much content behind it’s belt after years and years of producing incredibly hot real man porn. Like all their sites, Hairyboyz is quality, giving you photosets and tons of video plus loads of plugin content and bonus sites and is updated regularly. It’s a great deal and if you like bigger, beefier, masculine men, then it’s worth a visit.

The jockstrap photoset continues and there’s also some pretty amazing duo videos featuring Bo as well so….


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  1. Damn he is beautiful. I would love to have some nasty fun with him all night long. He could do whatever he wanted. I want to muscle worship him

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