hard cup jockstrap
amateur jockstrap
hard and soft jockstrap in locker room

To make up for our 6 days of absence (not to make excuses, but my Mom is in town), we bring you the latest in everyone’s favourite series: Your Jockstraps!

Lockerjock sent his photos in a while ago and although I wanted to post them right away, I had no info about him. I only figured out his nickname from his email. I don’t know his location, his age, or anything he’s into except the obvious – locker rooms, sports gear and jockstraps. I emailed him twice to find out more without a reply, so finally I decided to post without anything. So here are his photos. Hopefully he’ll see the post here and give us some more information through the comment system.

locker room jockstrap

sportswear and jockstrap

wearing a jockstrap in the locker room

comment below to let LockerJock know what you think of his photos!