nypd jockstrap

This guy is big no matter which way you look at him. At 6’2″ he’s pretty imposing already, but when he drops his NYPD jock strap you’ll be begging for mercy.

Aaron Giant is a 37 year old muscle hunk, born in Germany. He spent big parts of my life in the US, mostly New York and Los Angeles, but also San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami. He says he enjoys the US because of the friendly and open minded people there, especially when it comes to bodybuilding and tough leather guys. They all have bigger respect for my kind of lifestyle.

His impressive stats:

Chest: 50″ (127cm)
Arms: 21″ (53 cm)
Waist: 34” (86 cm)
Thigh: 28” (71 cm)
Cock: 9″ (23 cm) big, hard and uncut!

musclehunk in a jock strap

If Aaron alone wasn’t enough reason to check out his XXX website you’ll also see him fucking other guys, getting sucked, smoking, in leather, in the sling, in jocks, in the gym, on the streets, at home, in the clubs and much more.

Enjoy the rest of his photos and be sure to check out his website.

aaron giant in a nypd jockstrap

bodybuilder in a jockstrap

huge guy in a jock strap

aaron drops his jockstrap


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