Cellblock 13 Xtreme Hybrid Harnesses now 20% off

Cellblock 13 Xtreme Hybrid Harness

As you probably know by now, Cellblock 13 has discontinued the crazy popular and perhaps hottest collection of sports fetish gear ever created, Xtreme Hybrid. Jockstrap Central has had them on clearance for 15% off for the past few weeks, but now during our Gear Up Sale, Xtreme Hybrid has been further reduced to 20% off. Although we’re all out of the Xtreme Hybrid jockstraps, only have a few jock briefs and shorts, we still have all sizes in all four colors of the harnesses left. Each Xtreme item contains a built in, but removable silicone Perfect Fit cock ring. You can wear the harness with just the cock ring with your dick on full display or you can attach it to one of the harness enabled jocks like Xtreme, Sonic or our new Rogue jocks, or you can just clip them on to the belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans.

During our Gear Up Sale, hundreds of jockstraps and fetish gear are up to 50% off – sale ends Friday, March 2nd.

If you want one of these harnesses, don’t delay, at this sale price, they’ll be gone by the end of the week.


Here’s some more photos of the Cellblock 13 Xtreme Hybrid Harnesses:

Cellblock 13 Xtreme Hybrid Harness and ShortCellblock 13 Xtreme Hybrid Harness and Short

Cellblock 13 Xtreme Hybrid Harness

Cellblock 13 Xtreme Hybrid Harness