Jack Adams revamped Punter Jocks – new colors and more exposure

Jack Adams Punter Jocks - more colors and more exposure

Jack Adams in back with their revamped Punter Jockstraps – not only are there new colors but they have a deeper, more dangerous scoop!

Live on the edge with Jockstrap Central Punter Jockstraps – with its streamlined pouch that features an opening at the top that swoops down dangerously low exposing the top of your shaft. Of course, what’s the point of having a jock with a hole without taking advantage, all you exhibitionists (you know who you are) will have their dicks poking out in no time.

Made with Jack Adams’ awesome lightweight mesh which isn’t very see-through but looks great and feels awesome and between the scoop and the mesh, you won’t be suffering from SBS, (sweaty balls syndrome). Beyond sexy, it’s also a very stylish jock in either blue, charcoal-grey or white with contrasting piping around the edges and also around the scoop. The mesh, by nature has minimal four way stretch and along with the contoured pouch design ensures the perfect fit.

Punter is finished off with one of the softest comfort stretch waistbands you’ll ever encounter with a Jack Adams logo patch front and center . The black waistband is one and a half inches wide with one inch wide leg straps in black with a center white stripe.

If you’re looking for a sexy fashion jock with exposing potential that’s comfortable enough to wear all day long then this is it.

Jack Adams Punter Jocks - more colors and more exposure