Full Frontal Friday! For the guys who just can’t keep it in their pants. (NSFW)

Here’s to the the boys who can’t keep it in their pants. Who’s balls out attitudes keeps them dangling free in all their proud glory. We salute you!

Whether your into fetish fun like the rest of us, or just prefer your boys to be on display, the world of men’s jockstraps and fashion/fetish gear gives you just that.

So let it all hang out. Bare what you dare!

Mick wearing CellBlock 13's Ambush Jockstrap
Mick wearing CellBlock 13’s Ambush Jockstrap
Ryan Russel sporting  the Maskulo Open Back Football Short w/ Cod Piece
Ryan Russel sporting the Maskulo Open Back Football Short w/ Cod Piece
Our Model Adam Stray wearing the Male Power Extreme Strappy Ring Thong.
Our Model Adam Stray wearing the Male Power Extreme Strappy Ring Thong.
Jockstrap Central model Derek wearing Raw Studio's C-Scoop Ball Lifter
Jockstrap Central model Derek wearing Raw Studio’s C-Scoop Ball Lifter

Check out all of the full frontal fun here at www.jockstrapcentral.com

2014 Up Your Alley Fair – Naked Twister (NSFW)

2014 Up Your Alley Fair – Naked Twister 2 from Icarus on Vimeo.

We have all played Twister at one point in our lives, but this is an exciting twist (pun intended) to the normal version.

At the 2014 Up Your Alley Fair, Steamworks had their usual “Naked Twister” game where guys could play a giant-sized game of Twister in whatever attire they wanted. Some guys would play fully dressed while some would sport undies. We particularly loves the men boldly playing in their jockstraps, or completely naked.

Even though I am not coordinated in the least and my balance is sub par at best, I don’t this this particular take on the game is competitive. Even losing looks like a good time.

Why not start your own game? Stock up on all your fave jockstraps at www.jockstrapcentral.com

Thanks to Icarus for sharing all the fun and festive vids.

Happy Hairy Hump Day!

Jockstrap Photography by Dusty Cunningham


Hump Day is upon us!

Who doesn’t love a gruff and scruffy man in a jockstrap?

While searching Tumblr I came across a great blog that featured some photography from Dusti Cunningham. I can see that he shares my passion for beefy men in jockstraps so I wanted to find out a little more about him, and his artwork.

Dusti is a Los Angeles based portrait photographer who grew up  in rural Kansas. He dreamed being an artist and moved to California where he now photographs a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Drag Queens, Actors, Belly Dancers and even Porn Stars.

For more of his work you should check out his site http://dusticunningham.com/ as well as his flickr page.


The Man With The Bulletproof Balls.

It’s not to often that we see a man willing to get shot in his junk to prove that his jockstrap design really is bulletproof.

Inventor Jeremiah Raber, has created his own “Nutshellz” brand. Jocks which are specifically designed to protect a man’s boys from a bullets and I number of any other possible junk related threats.

Check out this unreal video. You seriously have to have confidence in your product to take a bullet to your manhood.

Size Matters: How To Get Your Perfect Fit!

Always the perfect fit!
Always the perfect fit!

Like any other garment, you need to have the right size in mind before purchasing. You want to make sure the fit is perfect for your body and overall gives you the desired look.

When the market consisted of very few bands and more classic styles many men assumed that sizing was pretty simple, but now that many new brands to choose from, athletic styles and fashion styles have surfaced. It’s safe to assume that what fits you in a classic Bike Jockstrap might not be the right size in a Cellblock 13 Jockstrap.

Generally speaking sizing varies from brand to brand and each give their measurements in Imperial sizes (inches).  This is both true in how the Jockstrap will fit at your waist, but also used when it comes to the waist band its self.  The waistband can range anywhere between 1” – 3” for athletic supporters, but with the increase of fashion or fetish Jockstraps, the rules can bend a little more.  So make sure to do some research if you have never purchased or worn a brand before. Also keep in mind the style of waistband you enjoy wearing.

How to do it!

Essentially one designer’s small might be another’s medium. To ensure you get the correct size, use a soft tape measure and wrap once around your waist (or just below if they are a low cut) to obtain your size.

If for any reason you are not familiar with Imperial sizing or measurements, once you have your waist measured in Metric, use a conversion table to confirm your measurements. Or if you are like me, just Google the conversion to find out if it is the right fit.


Jockstrap Central gives a lot of great great information on how product sizing works. This will ensure that the fit is right, your junk is properly pouched and lastly your ass is framed to perfection.

Now get out there, get your proper fit, and get Jockstrapping!

Bulgarian Beefcake: George StockyBear

George sporting one of our personal favorite jockstraps from Bike.
George sporting one of our personal favorite jockstraps from Bike.

Well what can we say? All the way from Instagram, I would like to introduce you to George our Bulgarian eye-candy of the day. His smoldering good looks and devilish charm are something we just can’t resist.

We have been following him for a while now on Instagram and he fails to disappoint. With his rugged good looks and his ability to fill out a jockstrap, he is a definite contender in our books.

Check out more great pics of George on his Instagram page. You wont be disappointed!

Bulgarian Beefcake George showing off his assets!
Bulgarian Beefcake George showing off his assets!


TGIFF! – Thank God for Furry Friday (NSFW)


Tumblr seems to be a hotbed of jockstrapped men lately, and what better way to kickoff the weekend, than taking some time out of our busy schedules to perv on some hunky hairy men.

Now, lets face it, some collections are more complete than others, and when you come across a blogger who shares your passion for jockstraps and the men who wear them, it is only fair to feature that collection.

So today I wanted to feature the jocksspeedosgear blog. It’s full of everything I want to see on a regular basis. Hot, furry men in jockstraps, underwear and generally in various states of undress.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. Lets review shall we.







So, we had a Guy from Ireland wanting to get a Zakk Net Jockstrap delivered to him in time for a Pins Party…. WTF is that we asked. Well, according to Justin it’s this – “the guys and gals take off their trousers to show off their legs and where the guys dress formally otherwise – like, formal shirt and tie and sober shoes, etc.”

Now what I want to know is what happened to my invitation?

Apparently Justin caused quite a stir at the party, his dick became his caged snake for the night – looks to me like an Indian Snake charmer got to work playing his flute during the photo shoot!


For those who want to know a little more about Justin, he’s a 23 year old (straight) student from Ireland who is studying Sports Management (whatever that is?). He also smokes and drinks, loves rugby, driving, being naked, food and sex – his order not mine…. Like most people I know he also doesn’t care for BS’ers


The only request Justin had with publishing his photos was that we didn’t show his face, being a self described twink he’s afraid his photos would show up in the wrong place at the wrong time…


Feel free to post a comment on here for Justin to read, he’s looking forward to what you have to say!!

Click here to get your own Zakk Net Jockstrap from Jockstrap Central.



My favorite thing about Jockstrap Central is our photoshoots, so with three shoots and three models this week, I’m on a bit of a high. Yesterday we shot our first model, Danny who’s not only handsome but he’s also a really amazing guy. He had absolutely no hangups and gave us 150% during the shoot. Although we shot a lot of new jockstraps that will be appearing on Jockstrap Central over the next month, we also decided to do a lot of re-shoots of existing products including the Orange 3 inch SafeTGard and the Yellow Swimmwer SafeTGard Jock straps seen on Danny here.

In our early days we really weren’t sure of the direction we wanted Jockstrap Central to take so you’ll notice a lot of our early shoots to be stark on a white background with little personality from the models. As we grew, we realized that we needn’t shy away from the sexuality of our products or the diversity of the guys who wear them, and both of which we believe is reflected in our most recent photoshoots.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I don’t think I’ve seen SafeTGard’s looking as good as they do here on Danny. Yes, it’s still a great sports jock, but these shots raise the everyday SafeTGard jockstrap to be so much more.

safetgard jockstrap

jockstrap and great body

black guy in a safetgard jockstrap

yellow jock strap

orange safetgard jock strap

orange safetgard jockstrap

playing with the straps of his safetgard jockstrap

nice basket in a jockstrap

great ass in an orange safetgard jockstrap

jockstrap straps

yellow safetgard jockstrap

bodybuilder in a safetgard jock strap

safetgard jock strap

yellow safetgard jockstrap

orange safetgard jock strap

danny in orange safetgard jockstrap


Let us know what you think…