My favorite thing about Jockstrap Central is our photoshoots, so with three shoots and three models this week, I’m on a bit of a high. Yesterday we shot our first model, Danny who’s not only handsome but he’s also a really amazing guy. He had absolutely no hangups and gave us 150% during the shoot. Although we shot a lot of new jockstraps that will be appearing on Jockstrap Central over the next month, we also decided to do a lot of re-shoots of existing products including the Orange 3 inch SafeTGard and the Yellow Swimmwer SafeTGard Jock straps seen on Danny here.

In our early days we really weren’t sure of the direction we wanted Jockstrap Central to take so you’ll notice a lot of our early shoots to be stark on a white background with little personality from the models. As we grew, we realized that we needn’t shy away from the sexuality of our products or the diversity of the guys who wear them, and both of which we believe is reflected in our most recent photoshoots.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I don’t think I’ve seen SafeTGard’s looking as good as they do here on Danny. Yes, it’s still a great sports jock, but these shots raise the everyday SafeTGard jockstrap to be so much more.

safetgard jockstrap

jockstrap and great body

black guy in a safetgard jockstrap

yellow jock strap

orange safetgard jock strap

orange safetgard jockstrap

playing with the straps of his safetgard jockstrap

nice basket in a jockstrap

great ass in an orange safetgard jockstrap

jockstrap straps

yellow safetgard jockstrap

bodybuilder in a safetgard jock strap

safetgard jock strap

yellow safetgard jockstrap

orange safetgard jock strap

danny in orange safetgard jockstrap


Let us know what you think…


  1. Danny has a great looking package in those brightly coloured jocks – even better peeking out of them (and I’m sure it would still get our attention without the ring!)

  2. Danny’s shoot lasted for over 3 hours (we shot a lot of new gear we don’t even have in stock yet) In most cases we didn’t use the cock ring but we just felt the cock ring gave the package a better look in this particular jock. It’s a fashion shoot, and although we don’t airbrush and don’t ask models to shave (although Danny did come with trimmed pubes) sometimes we do work with the cock ring. It wasn’t about Danny needing it, it was simply about making the package look more perky in this case. It’s was all about an aesthetic.

    Danny is perfection and a delight to work with and he’s got a standing offer to come back to work with us more the next time he’s in Toronto.

  3. Just to add to the above. You can see in the close-up yellow jockstrap that Danny isn’t wearing the cockring in those shots!

  4. Yes- he is. In the second close-up shot you can see the edge of the ring sticking up above the label – you have to look closely, but it’s worth the effort 😉

  5. Dan,

    You’re right – I realized that myself after I made the comment and was working on his photos for the Jockstrap Central galleries. You have to take my word on it though, he didn’t use it for a lot of his shoot – you’ll see soon. We shot a him in a lot of stuff that we don’t have in stock yet. Lot’s of kinky stuff like ball lifters and see-through things. 🙂

  6. Danny looks great in the N2N White net jock in the Jockstrap Central Galleries!

    More please – quick!

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