So, we had a Guy from Ireland wanting to get a Zakk Net Jockstrap delivered to him in time for a Pins Party…. WTF is that we asked. Well, according to Justin it’s this – “the guys and gals take off their trousers to show off their legs and where the guys dress formally otherwise – like, formal shirt and tie and sober shoes, etc.”

Now what I want to know is what happened to my invitation?

Apparently Justin caused quite a stir at the party, his dick became his caged snake for the night – looks to me like an Indian Snake charmer got to work playing his flute during the photo shoot!


For those who want to know a little more about Justin, he’s a 23 year old (straight) student from Ireland who is studying Sports Management (whatever that is?). He also smokes and drinks, loves rugby, driving, being naked, food and sex – his order not mine…. Like most people I know he also doesn’t care for BS’ers


The only request Justin had with publishing his photos was that we didn’t show his face, being a self described twink he’s afraid his photos would show up in the wrong place at the wrong time…


Feel free to post a comment on here for Justin to read, he’s looking forward to what you have to say!!

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