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We’re on a roll! First we had Danny, and now here’s our photos from our second photoshoot from last week.

When Scott contacted Jockstrap Central about modeling we said yes based just on his good looks but what we didn’t know was that he is a martial artist and a gymnast. Not only did he look great in all the jockstraps we threw at him, but his martial arts skills gave us one of the best jockstrap shoots so far. We’ve been doing this for over three years now and we now realize not it’s not enough to just stand there in front of the camera (like some of our models have done in the past.) The more personality a model brings to the photoshoot the better the results are. I think we captured every ounce of Scott’s personality here, what do you think?

Before we get to this very big photoset, I just want to remind guys that although we do encourage people to download the photos and share them with others – even posting them on other sites is fine and we’re flattered that people like our work, but please, please, please don’t remove the tags if you do so. If you like what we’re doing for the world of jockstrapping, then give us credit where it’s due.

Ok, get ready for it…’s Scott!

red mesh jockstrap

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Bike swimmer jockstrap

red mesh jockstrap

rear view of a jockstrap

navy SafeTGard swimmer jockstrap

red sports mesh jockstrap

bike swimmer jockstrap

white JM jockstrap

flexing in red sports mesh jockstrap

martial arts posing

orange SafeTGard swimmer jockstrap

royal blue SafeTGard jockstrap

martial arts jockstrap

royal blue SafeTGard jockstrap

N2N Waistband jockstrap

white JM jockstrap

royal blue SafeTGard jockstrap

posing in a red SafeTGard swimmer jockstrap

We have lots more photos of Scott – some you’ll find now throughout Jockstrap Central and others you’ll find showing up in the not too distant future – as some of the stuff we shot were samples of new products that are coming.

Most of these are reshoots with the exception of new N2N Contour Sport Jocks we just go into stock. Here’s handy links to each of the product on Jockstrap Central that you see in Scott wearing:

N2N Contour Sport Jockstrap

Bike Swimmer Jockstrap

SafeTGard Jockstraps

Red Kinkwear Sports Mesh Jockstrap

White JM Koton Jockstrap

We’re expecting to do our next photoshoot within the next two weeks – and just to hammer home our attitude that jockstraps are for everyone, our new model in his early 40s, naturally hairy, shaved head and completely hot and sexy. I know I can’t wait to get him naked get him in front of the camera.

As always, we love to hear what you think, so leave a comment below!



  1. Great pics. Looking forward to the new model (40s, naturally hairy…all good!).

  2. I rarely leave comments, but this post.. Oh, man! What a guy!! PERFECT physique. I wish i could order a.. um, ‘private demonstration’ by Him along with the straps from 😀
    Thank you very much, John, for this photos! (Really looking forward for more of Scott’s 😉 )

  3. “I rarely leave comments”

    And why is that? It’s only through the comments that we know how we’re doing! Please, please, please everyone leave comments.

    But, yes you’re right, Scott’s pretty phenomenal.


  4. Scott is relatively new to modeling and I know our shoot was the first time he’s done any underwear modeling. His real career is in martial arts and stunts, so you’re more likely to see him in film. We do plan on getting him back in front of our cameras sometime soon – and you can be sure the photos will end up here.

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