Raw Studio Leather Lambs Touch Jockstrap

One of my favorite (and best selling) jockstraps over on Jockstrap Central is the Raw Studio Lambs Touch Deluxe Jockstrap. The majority of Raw Studio’s designs are either Leather or Rubber. Everything is hand crafted and exclusive online to Jockstrap Central.

Raw Studio Leather Lambs Touch Jockstrap
Raw Studio Leather Lambs Touch Jockstrap

As you can see from this jockstrap, the styling is incredible. Using specially treated leather that resembles lamb’s skin and dyed a deep cerulean blue, Ed of Raw Studio has created one of the most unique, striking yet comfortable jockstraps. Unlike most traditional jocks, he has incorporated the blue leather into the leg straps. To ensure a perfect fit, he attaches the leg straps to the back of the pouch with black elastic. The result, as you can see here it nothing but stunning.

The Raw Studio line may be a bit pricier than the jocks you’re used to buying, but you’re paying for quality, innovation and also for a jockstrap that’s not mass marketed.



Wet Cin2 jockstrap
2(x)ist white jockstrap

Thank goodness a pictures is worth a thousand words cuz Jay didn’t give me much to write. As his emails says – “Just say I’m Jay from USA”

He sent in one photo, but luckily I was doing some work over on USG-online and noticed he had a gallery over there with a number of equally fantastic jockstrap photos. Next to jockstraps, one of my weaknesses has got to be wet underwear – so give me a wet jockstrap and I’ve died and gone to heaven.

There’s more photos of Jay after the jump

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Jockstrap video - jockstrap jerk-off

X-tube is abundant with great videos, but it’s hard to find good ones with jockstraps. Usually when there is a jockstrap, it’s quickly removed and becomes just another jerk-off video. As I find decent ones, I”m going to post them here.

This first one, as you can see from the title shot, features this hot guy with an ass of death. He starts off back on and slowly turns around and his rock hard dick is poking out the side. With a quick adjustment of the straps his starts stroking his dick. He Grabs his balls with one hand and starts to cum. He flicks his dick and the cum goes spraying, lifting his hand to his mouth to lick them clean. Sticking his dick back into the jock he turns back on once more to finish with a perfect view of his incredible ass.

Watch the video after the jump (x-rated content ahead)…

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Jockstraps at JockButt
Octavio in jockstrap at JockButt
Jockstraps at JockButt

Going to be doing a new series featuring all the hot guys over at JockButt. JockButt is a creation of the infamous Mark Wolff. It’s a membership site that focuses on muscled guys and their “jocked butts”. They’ve just had a huge redesign of their site and now not only to they offer tons of high quality photos of their models, they now offer big 640×480 videos in Windows Media format as well. You won’t find a lot of full nudity on JockButt, but you will find lots of hot muscled guys with a focus on their asses and most importantly – those asses framed in jockstraps! Woof!

To start off this series, we’ve got Octavio.

From the JockButt site…
There’s a photo of Octavio floating around the net, where his bubble ass is juuust popping out of a pool, clad only in a tight red thong. The first time I saw THAT I knew I had to jock him up. He calls his backside “My Baby” 🙂 So check out Octavio in his video, shaking “Baby” for you!”

I also have to mention that the SafeTGard jockstrap you see on Octavio can be found at Jockstrap Central (very cheaply in fact!)



Jockstrap Ass Orange
Jockstrap Ass Orange

This guy who’ll I’ll call “Soccer Trunks” sent his photos in a while ago. I wrote him back to find some details on him, but he didn’t get back to me. His photos were so hot that I finally broke down and decided to post them. I call him Soccer Trunks as it’s part of his email address and he did say this about himself in the email:

I wore jockstraps playing high school sports and at the gym, but now I’m into trying different styles just because they look totally sexy and filling them out feels good.

I’m sure you’ll agree jockstraps do look sexy on him and he does fill them out perfectly!

There’s more photos of Soccer Trunks after the jump

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Worn Title
used jockstrap

Didn’t think I’d get enough time before I head to England with my partner Adrian for Xmas with his family, but I managed to get this done with a few hours to spare before the airport limo get here…

Part three of our jockstrap theme series is WORN. Buying a new jockstrap is great, but they get even better after years of use (and abuse.) If you’re like me, then you just can’t bare to part with your old jockstraps. Plus there’s just nothing better then the sight of a jockstrap that’s so worn and that it becomes practically see-through. Or even better when they’re worn through just enough so you get a glimpse of skin of the wearers cock and balls. Check these photos out and try to tell me they don’t make your hard.

There’s more photos after the jump

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This is the second in our USG Jockstrap Series and we’re featuring Jockluver. Jockluver is one hot guy and prolific poster over on From his profile over on USG, he loves most styles of underwear and he’s a big fan of Jockey Underwear (and we are too, based on his first photo.) From checking out his other photos, I have to admit that he looks damn good in anything, but my personal (biased) favorite has to be his jockstrap photos seen here.

Click the jump link to see more photos of Jockluver.

(more photos (some x-rated) after the jump…)

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Furry Guy In Jockstrap
Fur Title
Hot Hairy Guy in his Jockstrap

Part two of our jockstrap theme series is FUR. Naturally hairy guys seem to be making a comeback in media these days (or maybe I’m just being hopeful.) If I can push this cause along with our little blog I will with these amazing furry guys (and their jockstraps)

There’s more photos after the jump (slightly x-rated)

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Jockstrap Ass Orange
Sports jocks with ass exposed

There’s this misconception that jockstraps are only for older guys. Just take a look over on USG-online and you’ll see that younger guys are into jocks as well. Want more proof, then how about Jock_UK who just submitted his photos for Jockstrapping…

This 20 years old guy lives in the UK and says he’s “totally into jocks as i’m a butt man.Like it that you can see a mans butt exposed in a jock.”

Trust me, we all like your butt exposed in a jock too!

There’s more photos of jock_UK after the jump

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Rick's Jockstrap
2Xist Jockstrap

Rick sent in these hot photos after checking out Jockstrapping. He writes “I’m 27, live in Chicago and have been a serious ‘STRAP HOUND’ since I was in college like 7 years ago. I wear STRAPS (SWIMMERS) as my undies.”

…That’s exactly how Adrian and I feel. Jockstraps are incredibly comfortable and feel great worn all day long, especially once their worn in a bit like the one in Rick’s first photo above (bet it smells good too!)

There’s more photos of jack after the jump (x-rated photos ahead!)

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